2016 Toyota corolla says the new Corolla shape is “more athletic,” and in fact the lines are sharper compared to its indifferent predecessors. We see bits and pieces of various other current models in its overall design as well as some of the styling details, so we’re not sure that the core design concept “Iconic Dynamism” -are perfectly justified. Less ideal, more insistent.

2016 Toyota Corolla has longer wheelbase stretching the midsection-this Corolla is 3 inches longer than its previous and put the wheels toward the corners of the body. Windscreen pillars and roof are a bit more corner, the car is a little bit more in the form of the letter V, after the corner shapes in front of me and pivoted toward the belt on the back of each rear door line. Advantages of sporty stance of the LED headlamps and running lights on all models. Sporty Corolla S model gets a blacked out grille with fog lamps surrounding the side skirts more aggressive, in addition to the rear spoiler integrated looked up the tail.



2016 Toyota Corolla sedan length of 183 inches and a rear seat expansive area have adapted a mid-size sedan a few years ago. 2014 new design that won nearly 4 inches of wheelbase and a whopping 5.1 inches more space in the back of the leg. Four 6-footers can ride in relative comfort, which was not possible in previous generations Corolla feat.

The front seats are adjustable and cushions are longer than before, which seats as comfortable as rivals’ pacts, maybe more. The cockpit has a “big car” feel relaxed, and Toyota has equipped cup holders in both panels of the front and rear doors, along with a couple in the center console for the front. All models, except for the base L get a rear center armrest with two cup holders built in as well.


2016 Toyota Corolla has 2 various 4-cylinder engines, both 1.8-liter and can be paired with a different move. It has been one rating in L, LE models, and S at 132 horsepower and 128 pound-feet of torque. And different, which are used in the LE Eco trim more fuel efficiency comes at 140 horsepower, but will not see a big difference between the two on the road.


The most efficient Toyota Corolla manages up to 42 mpg on the highway. The rest of the lineup is not far behind: between 27/36/31 and 29/37/32 mpg, depending on the configuration.


Its price is $18,500.