Tips On How To Stay Safe When Riding An Electric Bike

Electric bicycles have now become a popular trend. More and more people will choose electric bikes to commute. With so many new riders getting on the road and starting to ride, it’s critical to talk about safety. Whether you haven’t ridden a bike in a few years or are an experienced rider, as an e-bike rider you should know how to do a proper bike check every time you ride. Riding an e-bike is similar to riding a regular bicycle in that all of the safety rules that apply to bicycles also apply to e-bikes. Besides the standard bicycle rules, e-bike riders should be aware of a few extra precautions to help them stay safe on the road. Make sure you understand the regulations and guidelines that will keep you safe on your e-bike before you get out on your bike again.

Stay Safe When Riding An Electric Bike

  • Be sure to wear a helmet

Helmets must be the first thing that will come to mind. A helmet is the most critical safety feature you can use. For those who ride bicycles, wearing a helmet can reduce the risk of head injury by more than half.

Electric bikes can reach faster speeds, so protecting your head from injury is even more critical. While wearing a helmet won’t prevent an accident, it can save your life if one does occur.

  • Read your e-bike manual

Start by getting to know your e-bike by reading your manual. Learn how your electric bike works and the proper use of its extra power. Knowing your bike can help you become a smarter rider. Our FUNBIKE will send out the manual with the e-bike. Please remember to read the manual carefully after you receive your FUNBIKE electric bike. 

  • Check and practice before you go out

It’s important to do a pre-ride check. Firstly, you should do the wheel check. We need to make sure the wheels are seated properly and that the hardware holding the axles in place is tight enough ahead of the ride. Secondly, we should check the gear is safe. Moreover, we have to check the battery is securely in place. Practicing riding an e-bike in an empty parking lot or other open space is a good idea. This will help you learn how to control your e-bike and travel at a speed you can accept on busier streets.

  • Be visible

When using an electric bike, you must be able to see and be seen by others. Wherever you ride, visibility can prevent accidents. If you are riding on an off-road bike, more visibility will make it easier for other off-road bike users to avoid you.In addition to some of the equipment that comes standard on your e-bike, equip your e-bike with lights. In order to be seen at night, use a white front light and a red rear light. Our FUNBIKE e-bike Lion has a taillight embedded in the frame. Turn it on and it will emit a flashing red light. 

  • Be careful when installing and removing

Electric bicycles are much heavier than non-electric bicycles, which can make them dangerous to set up and take down for those who are not prepared to handle the extra weight. It’s important to get on and off your e-bike carefully so you don’t flip it over and hurt yourself. When buying an e-bike, try different frames to make sure you can easily mount and dismount the e-bike.

  • Use a mirror

Using a mirror is also another way to stay safe. It can help you make adjustments based on the speed and distance of vehicles you see coming from behind you.