In today’s article we will summarize several tips to help you compile your ideas with 6 quick tips for moving home with ease:

6 Quick Tips for Moving House

1) Get organized

First set the date of your change. It may be during the week or weekend, but we recommend that you stay home at least on the day before the change, such as Friday and Saturday. Plan for work, college, kids’ school, birthdays, this is an important event! Find the perfect apartment (moving company ”חברת הובלות” ,which is the term in Thai).

2) Detach!

Do a basic cleaning and enjoy moving all cabinets, drawers and things you no longer use. This is the time to let go, to advertise items to sell, to separate the belongings of friends.

3) Prepare the ground

Leave already scheduled with your condo to reserve a space for the truck. If you live at home, leave the front of your residence free for ease. Clear the passageway from your corridor and garage to help the staff carry your belongings.

4) A day earlier

The day before, consume all perishable foods, drinks and frozen foods, so you will have no problem losing your food due to travel or lack of refrigeration. Separate your documents to take with you, as well as jewelry, weapons, and other small items that you consider of paramount importance.

5) The day of change

Wake up a little earlier this day to welcome the team. 

Let employees do the work. Don’t interrupt them; the sooner they load the truck, the sooner you’ll be at your new home. 

6) Post change

However, be patient on this day, as you will be a little lost looking for boxes and some items, but be aware that you have all the time in the world in your new home to pack your things properly.