Learn How To Change Your Car’s Oil And Filter With Parts Avatar Canada

If you want to keep your car in the best working condition, then you must change your motor oil as well as its filter. The function of the car oil is same as that of the blood in human body. It would flow throughout the car’s engine and hence, would allow everything to run smoothly. If you will keep on changing your car oil as well as filter on a regular basis, then it would increase the overall life of your car and its performance level would raise a lot.

You will have two options when the time to change the motor oil would arrive. The first one would be to visit a service station or some car dealer, then other option to perform it all by yourself. No doubt the car mechanics as well as the other car maintenance people would perform this job perfectly, but you always save some money by changing your car oil yourself. You must know how to properly change the motor oil as well as its filter. Have a look below:

Car Oil And Filter

Car maintenance equipment

You must gather all the supplies mentioned below before you open the car hood. Here is the list of things which you would require:

  1. Appropriate amount of motor oil. You can always refer to your owner’s manual to get an idea that which oil and filter would be best for your car. It would also provide you with the correct viscosity and number of quarts. You can always switch from conventional to synthetic motor oil as it would provide you with an improved engine efficiency and performance.
  2. High quality of oil filter
  3. A funnel
  4. A socket wrench
  5. An oil filter wrench
  6. Oil pan or a bucket to catch the old motor oil
  7. Extra newspaper
  8. Rough cloth

Here are the steps which you must follow to change your car’s motor oil and filter:

  1. Drain the old motor oil

Just start your car for a minute or two before you start draining the motor oil. It is really helpful as the motor oil would now be warmed up and would drain out smoothly. Locate the oil pan and drain plug under the vehicle. Loosen the drain plug and allow the motor oil to drain.

  1. Replace the oil filter

Keep the oil drain pan under your car and then locate the oil filter. Loosen it and then remove the oil filter. Then you must install the new oil filter by hand.

Replace the oil filter

  1. Add the new motor oil

Now is the time to fill up the engine with new motor oil. Carefully loosen the oil filler cap and then you can pour the motor oil into the tank. You can always use a funnel to avoid spinning. Replace the oil cap and then you must start your engine and allow it to run for some time.

  1. Clean up and recycle your motor oil

Now you have successfully completed your task and it is the time to clean up. One of the best way with which you can recycle the motor oil is by recycling it. Later you can throw away the newspaper as well as the dirty rough cloths away. Now you can easily go wherever you want to.

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