Here’s How You Can Clean Your Dirty Engine Bay Without Screwing It Up

You can conduct easy repairs and maintain your car properly if your car engine bay is clean. If you haven’t cleaned your car engine since a long time, then the degreaser may take some time to soak through the grime and even the grease would take some time to brush off the deposits of the oil. Before you start washing your car, the best thing which you should do is clean your engine and engine bay. Then you will be able to rinse off any degreaser that may or may not reach the painted components of the car. No rust would develop on your car engine if you will clean it properly. The biggest culprits which help the rust to develop are the road grime and salt. So if you want to prolong the life of your engine, then rinse the engine bay properly.


How to Protect and Prepare your Dirty Engine

  1. Remove all the debris that is trapped in the engine bay.

There are a lot of unwanted materials caught in your engine bay like leaves, grass, twigs or may be some other debris. So make it a point that before you start cleaning your engine, remove all this. This debris can cause a big issue like fires if you leave it on the engine or any other electrical system for too long.

It is really very common that leaves fall from the trees and collect at the bottom of the windshield which falls into the engine bay.


  1. Disconnect the Battery

If you will directly spray water into your engine bay, then some of the electrical components of the car can get damaged. There is a negative terminal on the battery, loosen its bolt to prevent the damaged. You can also disconnect the positive terminal and clean the car’s battery outside the engine bay. If you are thinking of leaving the battery inside the vehicle, then tuck the ground cable so that if does not come in contact with the terminal.


  1. Cover up all the exposed wiring or electronics

Some of the car engines are fully waterproof, but you can achieve higher degree of safety if you will wrap plastic around some electrical components. Try to cover all the inlets of spark plug, the wires which are loosen up and the distributor cap if your automobile is equipped with one. If you want to protect your car engine from water, then small plastic bag would work really well. If you are confused that you vehicle has a distributor cap or are searching for the spark plug inlets, then the  best thing which you can do in this situation is to refer to the vehicle’s service manual.


  1. Allow the car engine to run for five minutes

When your engine is heated properly, then you can easily remove the grease on the engine. Start your automobile and allow it to run for five to ten minutes. Now the engine would get to normal operating temperature and loosen any stuck on grime. Be careful that you don’t leave the engine running for too long as it may become too hot and you may burn yourself when you begin to clean again.

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