Warning Signs Your Garage Door Springs Need Attention

From home security to saving wear and tear on your garage door opener, balanced and functioning torsion springs are crucial. These heavy-duty springs provide the lifting power to raise and lower even the heaviest of doors. But like all mechanical components, garage door springs have a lifespan and will eventually show signs of deterioration or wear. Knowing what to look for can help catch potential issues before bigger problems arise. Here are 5 warning signs it may be time to call in a pro.

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Sign #1: Door Becomes Hard to Open/Close

Over time, weakening springs have a harder time smoothly counterbalancing the door’s weight. You’ll notice the door gets increasingly difficult to lift by hand or seems to move unevenly on its tracks. This puts more strain on connected components too if left unchecked.

Sign #2: Springs Stretched or Twisted Out of Shape

With use, springs can elongate slightly from their coiled shape. But if coils appear notably warped or separated, the spring has likely exceeded its functional life. Improperly stretched springs won’t effectively support the door.

Sign #3: Door Doesn’t Stay in Position

Balanced springs allow the door to be easily raised and securely stay open overhead without support. If yours creeps down gradually or slams shut unexpectedly, internal spring tension could be off.

Sign #4: Noise or Vibration When Opening/Closing

Noisy springs that emit a high-pitched screech or cause visible door vibration have internal friction indicating damage. This may presage eventual spring breakage if the source isn’t addressed.

Sign #5: Visible Cracks or Rust

The formation of cracks along a spring coil’s surface or heavy rust overtaking the metal are telltale signs it could fail without warning. Rusted springs are also prone to snap sooner than expected.

While minor spring tension adjustments may help temporarily, once warning signs emerge it’s best to schedule service right away with a pro like Garage Door Spring Repair in Short Pump. Their experience allows safe handling of high-tension springs before a potential accident occurs. Don’t take chances with faulty springs that hold immense stored energy – get them examined and repaired promptly by qualified technicians.