Replacing a Bent Torsion Spring Before an Accident Happens

One aspect of garage door maintenance that homeowners often overlook is inspecting the condition of the torsion springs. These spiral-wound springs, located above the garage door, are what provide the lifting power to open and close such a heavy door conveniently with the push of a button. Over time though, springs can become bent, weakened, or damaged without obvious symptoms at first glance. Ignoring gradual wear and tear on the springs is a risk that’s not worth taking, as a catastrophic failure could lead to serious injury. As a concerned DIYer, I aim to replace springs proactively before an accident occurs.

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Check for Visible Signs of Damage

A good first step is visually examining both torsion springs for any obvious defects. Look for signs of rust, breaks in the coil, or uneven winding that indicates bending has taken place. Gently tug on each spring to check for looseness in the mounting points as well. Any anomalies found should trigger a replacement right away.

Inspect Door Balance and Operation

The next telltale sign is if your door is becoming harder to manually lift over time or doesn’t stay fully open on its own anymore. This loss of proper counterbalance could mean the springs are decompressing prematurely. You may also notice the door no longer closes fully under spring tension. These functional issues provide a heads up that the springs’ integrity may be compromised.

Consider Calling Garage Door Spring Repair in Smithfield

If your inspection uncovers bending, breaks or balance problems, it’s best not to delay replacing the faulty springs. Left unchecked, bent torsion springs weaken more with each cycle and increase the likelihood of suddenly snapping without warning. Avoid potential injury from unexpected spring fractures by contacting a professional like Garage Door Spring Repair in Smithfield for assessment and installation of new safety-rated springs.

Prioritize Preventative Replacement

As a safer alternative to waiting for a problem to emerge, consider proactively replacing springs every 5-10 years as a preventative maintenance task. The springs’ lifespan depends on door usage frequency and weight, but outdoor exposure accelerates wear too. Periodic replacement prevents dangerous situation down the road. Professionals can also check all other door components while they have it apart.

With some simple regular inspections and preventative seasonal maintenance, garage door breakdowns don’t need to happen unexpectedly. Taking notice of springs especially protects your long term safety around the home. Don’t gamble with serious harm – address any spring concerns right away with help from qualified experts. Small repairs today avoid costly accidents tomorrow. Stay safe out there!