4 Smart Tips to Book Your Wedding Car

Want to come at your wedding in style? Well, it’s not only about how you arrive, it’s also about how you see off. So, to make sure you arrival and departure has an everlasting impressing. Following we are giving you a few handy tips to book a Wedding Car Hire service.


Book Six Months Ahead

When it comes to the wedding car, you need to book months in advance to make sure everything goes planned. Six month for standard and pretty basic options. If you have something special in mind, you better make that nine months in advance. Doing this will also help you to save a bit.

Limo is Not the Only Option

You don’t need a limo for a classy wedding. There are many other options there. Talk to your car rental company and they will help you out. Besides, there is no rule book that says you have to step out of a stretch limo. You can book a vintage, executive or sports car. If these are not exotic enough, try the Horse Drawn Carriage.

Try Some Variety

If you are having an argument about the car as an couple, then try hiring two cars instead of one. Yes, one for the arrival and one for the way home. This way, both of you will have your option. Besides, it gives you more room for creativity. So don’t blow off your budget on an overpriced limo.

Make the Reservation in Person

You invested a lot of time to book the car and find the perfect company. Now, you shouldn’t mind actually going to make the reservation in person. This not only adds security but allows you to search if there are any additional options. The company may present an astounishing offer in person. So, make the reservation in person.

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