The Dangerous Intersections: Common Causes of Truck-Car Collisions

Intersections are high-risk zones for crashes between large commercial vehicles and passenger vehicles. Understanding typical points of impact can help establish liability when working with a truck accident attorney in Las Vegas.

Truck-Car Collisions

Blind Spots

Big rigs have extensive blind spots that prevent drivers from seeing the full perimeter. Left or right turns can cause collisions if a car enters a truck’s blind zone. Proximity is key at intersections.

Right/Left Turn Swept Paths

Trucks require wide turns that bring them into oncoming lanes. Driver misjudgment of clearance often causes sideswipes during turns. Signal early and give trucks room.

Stoplight/Sign Violations

Blowing through red lights or stop signs, failing to yield, and speeding are common traffic violations that put trucks and cars on a collision course. Citations issued can indicate fault.

Speed Differentials

Trucks have increased braking distances and may be traveling faster downhill or with a load. Large speed gaps between vehicles raise risks, especially for lane changes near turns.

Jackknifing & Skidding

Sudden braking, slippery roads and excess speed threaten a truck’s stability, leading it to slide or the trailer to swing around. Defensive driving is crucial near large vehicles.

Rear-End Collisions

Short following distances make it hard for heavily loaded trucks to stop quickly. Ensure ample space cushion in traffic and at signals to avoid rear-end impacts.

Distracted Driving

Cell phone or other distractions impair drivers from concentrating on traffic flow. All vehicles must remain alert and predict others’ paths through intersections.

A skilled truck accident attorney in Las Vegas can assist in determining the root causes of intersection crashes and identifying the responsible parties through evidence review. Paying attention to high-risk behaviors is key to preventing these dangerous scenarios.