How Long Does A Car Repair Take?

The only thing worse than being in a car accident repair is having to wait for your car to be repaired. Sometimes this wait is relatively short, and sometimes it stretches into months.

No one can stop you from experiencing that wait, but with a little information, you can make sure you aren’t undergoing an unnecessarily long wait or being taken advantage of.

How Long Does A Car Repair Take

Many factors determine how long a car may take to be repaired. For instance:

– your car insurance provider may need time to process and approve your claim

– your car may be in a long line of cars waiting to be repaired

– the extent of damage the car has undergone may require more time

– the type of car you have may mean waiting on replacement parts.

All of these setbacks are understandable, but how do you know when a wait has gone from justifiable to absurd?

First, you need to know where your car is being repaired. Second, you need to know the type of repair that needs to be made. With that information and a little research, you can feel confident about whether or not you are waiting too long.

Go online to check reviews on the auto shop and mechanic. You should also look up what the wait times are for the most common repairs.

For instance, a windshield or bumper replacement should take a day. Minor auto body work should take a few days, and the replacement of internal elements usually takes a few weeks.

If you find that you have any of these problems, and are still waiting past these estimates it may be necessary to make some phone calls to your mechanic and insurance agent.

With their help, you should be able to ascertain what the hold up is and when you can expect to have your car back.

If your mechanic is not being upfront with you, or you don’t feel comfortable using your current mechanic make sure to call your insurance provider.

This may mean your car will need to be moved to a different repair shop, but you should never settle for a mechanic that you feel isn’t handling your auto repair needs responsibly.

When you do receive an estimate from your mechanic, remember that it is just that. No one can give you an exact date and time on when the car will be finished.

You may get to the repair shop and find that your mechanic called in sick, had a family emergency, or just needed a little more time because of additional repairs he discovered.

Other times you may find that your insurance company hasn’t paid the mechanic on time, in which case the mechanic may keep your car as collateral.

Whatever the case may be, to remain fully aware of when you can expect your car to be fixed you need to remain in contact with your insurance agent and your mechanic. They should be able to communicate to you whether they expect any delays, and you can plan accordingly.

Having an insurance coverage is considered a great plus. Contact insurance agent Covington, KY to know more about different insurance plans. A professional insurance agent is well aware of everything and will always provide you with the best piece of advice.

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